Tips for Cooking Eggs in Microwave

Cooking eggs in a microwave is sometimes necessary if you are short on time. Although eggs are a favorite breakfast food of many people, sometimes the preparation of eggs is just too time-consuming in today’s busy world. For this reason, a lot of people want to cook their eggs in a microwave, but there are certain ways that this has to be done.

Always use a microwave safe bowl and ensure that it is covered during the cooling process. Cooking eggs in a microwave can cause a real mess if you don’t cover the bowl.

Scrambled Eggs

For scrambled eggs, crack the eggs and place them in the microwave safe bowl. Using a fork, scramble the eggs until they are of a smooth consistency. At this point, you can beat in a couple of tablespoons of milk, and add whatever seasoning you would like. Some people like to add a little butter as well. Cover the bowl and cook the eggs in the microwave for approximately 90 seconds; after you remove the eggs you will need to use a clean fork to stir and fluff them. When you remove the eggs from the microwave, make sure that they are completely cooked through, if they are still a little runny, return to the microwave and cook for about 30 to 40 more seconds.

Fried Eggs

For fried eggs, cooking eggs in a microwave is very easy. Simply crack the egg in a microwave safe bowl, poke a hole in the yolk, and add seasoning as desired. Place plastic wrap or a microwave-safe plate on top of the bowl and place in the microwave to cook for about 90 seconds. Without covering the top of the bowl you will be running the risk of the egg exploding and making a mess out of your microwave oven.

Boiled Eggs

Due to the likelihood of eggs exploding while cooking eggs in a microwave, it may seem like you would not be able to make a hard boiled egg this way, but you can make something that is very similar. Simply crack the egg in the bowl and poke a hole in the yolk. You will then need to cover the bowl and cook for about 90 seconds or until the eggs are completely cooked through. When you cut this egg for salads, it will be the same as if you had boiled it.

Poached Eggs

You can also make poached eggs in the microwave; to do this simply place about 1/3 cup of water in a microwave-safe bowl and crack two eggs into the water. Again, you will need to poke holes in the yolk with a knife or a fork. Cook in the microwave for about 2 minutes and then let the eggs sit until the whites are solid and the yolk has become thick. To serve to drain the water and put the eggs on a plate, season to taste.

Keep in mind when you are cooking eggs in a microwave that you should always poke a hole in the yolk and cover the bowl to avoid messes. Also, you should never cook an egg in the microwave in its shell, it will explode.

Cooking eggs in the microwave makes this task quick and easy, and they will taste delicious too.