Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets

If you love cooking or want to become more serious about your cooking, there are certain kitchen gadgets that you need to have. These kitchen gadgets are not the novelty gadgets that you will only use once in a while. These are the gadgets that will help you with every recipe that you want to make.

Measuring Spoons And Cups

Measuring spoons and cups are one of the first items that you should buy for your kitchen after your pots and pans. Kitchen Gadget Lab says that these items will help you get the right amount of certain ingredients when you cook and bake. The measuring spoons that you get should have contoured handles to ensure that they do not spill.

These items will come in a range of different materials. These are some people who state that stainless steel is the best while others will go for ceramic. The material that you choose is often based on personal preference and your budget.

A Blender

Another gadget that you need to get is a blender. Blenders can be used for many different recipes and will be able to help you prepare ingredients. You can make soup in a blender as well as smoothies and much more.

When you look at blenders, you will need to consider a number of factors. You will have to take into account the size of the jug and if there are any additional attachments. You should also consider the power of the blender because most people will not need the most powerful blender on the market. It is also important to note that the more powerful the blender the more noise it will make when you use it.

An Air Fryerkitchen gadget

An air fryer is a gadget that many people do not consider because they do not deep fry a lot of their food. However, you need to consider why you do not have deep fried foods. This is generally because they are unhealthy, but air frying takes away a lot of the unhealthiness.

Air fryers will use limited amounts of oil when it comes to frying. You will be able to fry potato chips as well as meat with these gadgets. You also never have to worry about the burns that come with deep frying.

There are many kitchen gadgets that you need to consider getting. These gadgets will make it easier to cook and bake. Of course, you will need to consider your budget when you look at these items.

All about Cooking Spinach for Kids


The recalls of a few years ago may have put off cooking spinach for your kids. You may not even be sure now if spinach was the source of the contamination or if it turned out to be tomatoes. In addition, you may not remember whether it was E. coli or salmonella when it came down to it. All you might remember was that scientists couldn’t quite figure out what was causing it and that just when things seemed to be coming to an end there was another outbreak. So better to be safe than sorry, you may have given up on spinach.

Why Spinach?

In case you have forgotten in the meantime, spinach is just a great vegetable for anyone, but especially for kids. It has a good amount of iron content—as you probably think Popeye told you. (As it turns out, actually, Popeye never actually claimed he takes spinach for the iron content. In fact, a researcher recently showed that the creator of the cartoon actually chooses spinach because of the Vitamin A content, which is indeed high in spinach.) Spinach, however also has a long list of positives beyond those you have learned about through cartoons.

Spinach, like most greens, is very high in antioxidants, which research has shown to improve health generally and help to prevent cancer. It is packed with vitamins, including A, two kinds of B, C, and K. Furthermore, it has several other minerals like zinc and niacin.

Although spinach is indeed high in iron content, it is similarly full of calcium and zinc. This makes it sound like it would be great for bone strength and muscle development, but unfortunately, these three together tend to block your body system from metabolizing them fully.

Is it safe now?

There were indeed two recalls of spinach, one in 2006 (involving E. coli), and one in 2007 (involving Salmonella poisoning). These contaminations resulted in three deaths and several cases of sickness. Although it received considerably less press than the original outbreak, the FDA did finally trace the outbreak back to a specific farm and discovered that the E. coli outbreak resulted from pig feces mixing with waters used for irrigation. The Salmonella contamination made the press but the vast majority of the spinach never reached consumers. The effect on sales of Popeye’s favorite vegetable was worse than anything Brutus could ever have done. Up until 2006, spinach had been steadily on the increase, but sales are yet to recover.

Spinach is safe now. Even if there were to be another outbreak of E. coli or salmonella, cooking spinach purifies it, and since this is the method we recommend when preparing it for your children, you should not worry.

How to Prepare Spinach

The best kind of spinach to get for your kids is the fresh kind. It may be tempting to get baby spinach in a plastic bag, but much of the flavor and quality can be lost for spinach stored this way. The best cooking spinach comes from farmer’s markets. These also tend to be the healthiest and safest types of spinach since organic farmers do not treat it with harsh, cancer-causing chemicals. In addition, the industrialized agricultural methods that caused the E. coli outbreak of 2006 is much less likely to occur on an organic farm.

The easiest way of cooking spinach is just to put it in a clear plastic Ziploc and zap it in the microwave for a couple of minutes. However, if you really want to preserve the taste and the full nutritional value of your spinach, the best way to cook spinach is in frying pan. Just throw it in for a couple of minutes using the water left over from when you cleaned it as a source of moisture. Add your favorite spices to it, like garlic or just a touch of salt, and cook it for a couple of minutes. It’s as easy as that.

Tips for Cooking Eggs in Microwave

Cooking eggs in a microwave is sometimes necessary if you are short on time. Although eggs are a favorite breakfast food of many people, sometimes the preparation of eggs is just too time-consuming in today’s busy world. For this reason, a lot of people want to cook their eggs in a microwave, but there are certain ways that this has to be done.

Always use a microwave safe bowl and ensure that it is covered during the cooling process. Cooking eggs in a microwave can cause a real mess if you don’t cover the bowl.

Scrambled Eggs

For scrambled eggs, crack the eggs and place them in the microwave safe bowl. Using a fork, scramble the eggs until they are of a smooth consistency. At this point, you can beat in a couple of tablespoons of milk, and add whatever seasoning you would like. Some people like to add a little butter as well. Cover the bowl and cook the eggs in the microwave for approximately 90 seconds; after you remove the eggs you will need to use a clean fork to stir and fluff them. When you remove the eggs from the microwave, make sure that they are completely cooked through, if they are still a little runny, return to the microwave and cook for about 30 to 40 more seconds.

Fried Eggs

For fried eggs, cooking eggs in a microwave is very easy. Simply crack the egg in a microwave safe bowl, poke a hole in the yolk, and add seasoning as desired. Place plastic wrap or a microwave-safe plate on top of the bowl and place in the microwave to cook for about 90 seconds. Without covering the top of the bowl you will be running the risk of the egg exploding and making a mess out of your microwave oven.

Boiled Eggs

Due to the likelihood of eggs exploding while cooking eggs in a microwave, it may seem like you would not be able to make a hard boiled egg this way, but you can make something that is very similar. Simply crack the egg in the bowl and poke a hole in the yolk. You will then need to cover the bowl and cook for about 90 seconds or until the eggs are completely cooked through. When you cut this egg for salads, it will be the same as if you had boiled it.

Poached Eggs

You can also make poached eggs in the microwave; to do this simply place about 1/3 cup of water in a microwave-safe bowl and crack two eggs into the water. Again, you will need to poke holes in the yolk with a knife or a fork. Cook in the microwave for about 2 minutes and then let the eggs sit until the whites are solid and the yolk has become thick. To serve to drain the water and put the eggs on a plate, season to taste.

Keep in mind when you are cooking eggs in a microwave that you should always poke a hole in the yolk and cover the bowl to avoid messes. Also, you should never cook an egg in the microwave in its shell, it will explode.

Cooking eggs in the microwave makes this task quick and easy, and they will taste delicious too.

Top 12 Healthy Cooking Tips

Every day, more and more people are in search of healthy cooking tips. It seems like today’s society is more health conscious than it has ever been. Good nutrition does not end with simply making the “right” food choices, it is equally important that you prepare the foods that you cook in such a way that they retain their wonderful nutritional benefits. Following healthy cooking tips allows you to get the most out of your food choices for better overall health.

Below are the top 12 healthy cooking tips that you can easily apply to your daily cooking routine.

1. Use half the salt that you would usually use in your favorite recipes. Quite often you will not even be able to notice a change in taste. You may want to also consider replacing salt with a spice or herb, citrus peel or juice and don’t forget about flavored vinegar. Onion or garlic powder (not salt) work suburb as a salt alternative in sauces, soups and on meats. Experiment with your seasonings! Try mixing paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, and parsley flakes together, you may find that you never want to use salt again.

2. When stir-frying or grilling, use non-stick pans or veggie spray. You can also lightly coat your wok with olive oil for a healthy stir-frying choice.

3. One of the most important healthy cooking tips is to cook in a way that allows you to retain the most nutritional value. Vegetables should always be steamed instead of boiled and avoid cooking them at high temperatures unless you are doing a very quick stir-fry. Also, do not cook vegetables for extended periods of time. Liquid and extended heat will leach valuable nutrients out of your vegetables.

4. Use a lot of vegetables in your cooking. Experiment with different vegetables that you may not usually use in salads, stews, and soups. Yellow and red peppers are ideal to really rev up the flavor of any dish. You want to add as many vegetables to your diet as possible. Fruit chutneys and salsas are fabulous toppings for poultry, meat or even wheat pasta in place of sauces or gravies.

5. One of the easiest healthy cooking tips to follow is to use low-fat alternatives in your recipes. Low-fat sour cream, cheese, and salad dressing are good places to start. Also, try using a couple of egg whites in replace of a whole egg to reduce cholesterol and fat content. There are also fabulous low cholesterol egg products available that you should try.

6. Cooking should be done with canola oil or olive oil and if there is visible fat that you can see while you are cooking, you should drain or blot it with paper towels. Before reheating soups, scrape the fat off the top first.

7. Avoid slowly cooking meat on an open grill as this has cancer-promoting compounds and do not eat charred meat. Stir-frying, roasting or poaching are recommended methods.

8. When you are baking homemade goodies, replace half or all of the shortening with applesauce, mashed bananas, pureed prunes or yogurt. The end result has substantially less fat and is very moist.

9. Avoid using all-purpose flour. Soy flour is excellent for bread and biscuits or flax, whole wheat flour or oatmeal are ideal substitutes in muffins.

10. Instead of eating cakes and cookies, eat fresh fruit desserts and choose sherbet or frozen yogurt instead of ice-cream.

11. Add smoothies to your diet. Throw whatever fresh or frozen fruit you have handy into your blender with ice and either juice, soy or yogurt. You can get your recommended dairy fruit intake in one delicious glass.

12. The last of the healthy cooking tips on the list is to avoid canned vegetables, they usually have a high sodium content. Choose fresh options or even the frozen type that can be microwaved instead.