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Although it’s true that I was for a time head chef in a popular little restaurant in London’s swanky West End, the food that I cooked then is not the kind of thing you will find here. Fancy food is for fancy restaurants and an army of chefs to prepare it. What I offer you here are the dishes that I cook at home for family and friends. They are intended to be homely, inviting, simple and delicious. From simple lunches to dinner party fare, I offer you more than 40 years of lessons learned and recipes selected. I hope you may find as much pleasure in them as I have.
Free Kitchen eBooks I've written a couple of books dealing with things very close to my heart when it comes to working in the kitchen. One is on First Aid in the kitchen and the other deals with hygiene. These are completely free, you don't have to sign up for anything and you are welcome to pass them on to your friends. Go to First Aid and/or Hygiene to download them. Cooking Hints There are more than 60 kitchen hints and tips waiting for you in a separate section which you will find here. In addition there are audio buttons on some of the other pages. Click them for a top tip relevant to the given recipe. Recipe Measurements Although this website is Australian, I'm well aware that it gets many visitors from both the USA and the United Kingdom, where metric measurements are not widely used. Most recipes, therefore, have an Imperial equivalent included.  
Find what you want using the menu There are two. The one above my head is for the recipe pages. The one below gives you access to  other areas of the website You will find these menus on every page.
Life’s too short to stuff a mushroom” Prue Leith The quickest way to separate eggs is to crack them into a bowl one at a time and lift the yolks out with your fingers. It’s easier than you may think
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